Kristýna Vacková

What I'm teaching:
Vinyasa, hatha, yin yoga

I have been physically active since I was five years old, I dedicated myself to ballet and modern dance. I spent every free minute in a studio and could not imagine a day without a training session. However, the day has come when I moved to Prague and could not spend any more time commuting to Pilsen to continue with my dance practice. I have stopped moving completely and after few months, my body began to change, as well as my mood, and a genuine will to keep a positive way of living started to fade away. In this difficult time, I discovered yoga which was a nice way of stress relieving and strengthening my body. The deeper I went, the more I felt that yoga is much more – it stopped being a physical exercise and it slowly became a new life path for me. What I learnt on the mat, I could transfer to my every day life routine. I completed a 200 hours RYT certificate in Prague, found my teacher in Mysore India and last autumn I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue yoga professionally without relaying on any other job that did not fulfill me, as a comfort blanket and so far it is has been the best decision I could have ever made.

I will be truly happy to share my path with you, I only teach from my own experience, how I feel the asanas and their connection to breath and mind. My lessons come from Hatha Yoga – a very traditional teaching of Acharya Venkatesha whose training almost magically improves your health both physically and mentally and pushes you to revaluate your current habits and routines. Based on the need of my clients, I spice the classes with ashtanga – vinyasa dynamics or slow down to dive in yin yoga which is my current passion, leading me to expand my knowledge of study of Chinese medicine and organ / meridian system.

I am looking forward to you in my classes, I would love to help you explore your own connection to yoga and help you relax in our stress filled environment!:)