Andrea Limón

What I'm teaching:
hatha yoga

Andrea’s journey to yoga began in Toronto, Canada in 2003 when she was interested in taking up an activity to offset the intense job she had doing therapy with young children with autism. Starting from practicing Bikram, then Iyengar, Sivananda and later Vinyasa she has explored various forms of Hatha Yoga. After ten years of practicing different styles of yoga Andrea decided to complete her teacher training, focusing on hatha yoga (mixed styles). This was a turning point in her yogic path.

After Andrea’s teacher training, yoga became a constant part of her life. Since then she has regularly taught yoga part time. Andrea was lucky to be able to travel to India where she practiced Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore and also assisted at a yoga teacher training in Goa. Andrea has attended a variety of workshops and trainings to supplement her initial training, learning from inspiring teachers around the world.

Andrea is a trained primary school teacher, so in addition to learning how to teach yoga to adults, she has also done two different courses on how to teach yoga to children. Andrea is particularly passionate about working with children with special needs.

Andrea is originally from Canada, although she hasn’t lived there for a long while! After living in various parts of the world Andrea has made Prague her home for the last five years.