Office yoga

Yoga classes during the work day are a great way to increase productivity, weld people together and improve the overall mood in your company

We offer yoga classes for businesses under the guidance of qualified instructors.

Exercise can be organised on the premises of your business – people don’t have to move to another site, it saves time, and our instructors come to you. If you do not have appropriate facilities and you still want to hit the gym, you can book a regular yoga class just for you and your colleagues in the studio of Yoga Karlín.

Yoga classes during the working day are a great way to increase productivity, cement collegiality and improve the overall mood in your company. Yoga will help you recharge, eliminate chronic stress, teach you to relax, improve your attention and overall health.

The classes can be prepared according to the individual’s needs, for all levels (even complete beginners) and for all ages.

Benefits of yoga at work for employers:

–  Increases productivity and performance
–  Improves health of emploees
–  Reduces health care spending
–  Improves the culture in the workplace
–  Supports team work
–  Increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of the employees
–  Reduces the fluctuation
–  Builds a positive perception of the company
–  Increases the attractiveness of the employer

Benefits of yoga at work for employees:

–  Increases energy and reduces fatigue
–  Strengthens muscles and increases flexibility
–  Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
–  Increases the physical and mental well-being
–  Teaches the ability to calm down and relax
–  Improves memory, concentration and attention
–  Improves posture, reduces back pain
–  Improves overall health
–  Improves workplace relationships

We have held classes for small groups of five people or large ones, twenty or more and all were satisfied J. In Mondi Štĕtí we organized a whole course for beginners, taught yoga for Čepro within their family day, in the Boomerang publishing we taught in the garden in summer and in the office in winter. In Karlín, we have held a class with basic information about yoga for Adastra group, after which some employees have begun to practice. Other clients include Economia, SocialBakers, mBank.

If you are interested in more information, visit our microsite (in Czech), call Ivana – 732 673 805 or email .

Meditation course

Because the owner of Yoga Karlín is advanced in meditation and has successfully held many courses for beginners, we offer and we recommend this learning for corporate clients as well.

Why meditate? Because this mind exercise, just like yoga, reduces tension, allows you to relax, feel satisfaction and also has an impact on physical health. The practical effect of which is the productivity improvement (concentration, memory and creativity) in unforseen measures.