Individual classes

Individual classes can help with health problems caused by sedentary occupation

The class is designed for all who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga from the view of anatomy, understand the implications of the involvement of the asanas on the spinal column, health-focused aspects of individual positions and how to correct improper motion stereotypes.

The class is focused on the pratice, so that all we talk about, you try for yourself on the spot to or you will share the experience and we will try to find an appropriate solution.

What you’ll learn at the class:
The basics of anatomy;
the importance of the deep stabilisation system of the spine and how to engage it;
proper breathing technique;
the principle of healthy movement in daily life;
the correct technique of basic yoga asanas from the point of view of physiological status in the joint and healthy movement.

What you take home from it:
The technique of proper posture and breath in daily life;
how to effectively engage the deep stabilization system and strengthen the core of the body, much-needed for proper posture and back without pain;
get to know your body better in terms of anatomy.

We offer yoga classes in our studio outside the regular schedule of classes or in the physiotherapy room. Also the teacher can arrive to your home or to work. They will teach you the basics of yogic exercises, see to that you learn how to exercise safely, he will respect any medical restrictions and teach you to work with them through yoga postures.

These classes are also suitable for mothers with children that can have their children with them.

On the advantages and disadvantages and for an idea of how private class looks like you may read this article .

Price list
1-2 clients, 60 minutes: 1 400 – 1 800 Czk

Corporate clients
outside the studio, up to 20 persons, 60 minutes: 1 000 – 1 500 CZK (plus VAT, if any)
in the studio, up to 20 persons, 60 minutes: 2 000 CZK (plus VAT, if any)

Enquire us about individual demands.

Ask for an appointment at the reception, by e-mail or by telephone.