Ewa Rumieńczyk

What I'm teaching:
yoni yoga

„All power comes from within” - mana - one of 7 principles of Huna.


Yoga appeared in my life at the most appropriate moment.
In 2010, I hit the mat, and that’s when my path to myself through body contact began.
Over two years later, I started a teacher training course in Krakow using the Iyengar method,

The training and stay in India has opened my heart and body to the softness, gentleness, flow and joy of practice. I completed the Yoga Alliance RYT200 course in Dharamsala, India.
During over 10 years of practice, I have experienced that the female body needs special care throughout the entire menstrual cycle.
Currently, I am exploring the female dimension of yoga, inspired by the work of teachers such as Bex Tyrer and Uma Dinsmore Tuli and her work by Yoni Shakti.
I also have many years of experience in working with pregnant women.


Dancing is a prayer of women. Dancing is freedom and power.
Dancing is an element that allows me to develop awareness of my body and dissolve tensions in it. Especially free dance improvisation, which is a source of joy and expression of what is alive in me at a given moment.
I completed the Dance Movement Therapy course at the Polish Institute of Dance and Movement Psychotherapy (140 h)


I practice the Lomi Lomi Nui temple massage, which has become a complement to my work with the body.
I completed a course of classic massage and Lomi Lomi Nui massage
(Kinoman I Aloha International level + advanced training, 100 h).
The second massage, which is especially close to my heart and body, is Thai yogic massage. I completed a course of traditional yoga massage accredited by the Sunshine Network in Thailand (12 days of intensive practice) and a specialized Thai massage course in side position and dedicated to pregnant women. (7 days)

I also completed an 8-week stress reduction course in mindfulness.

I am interested in astrology, tarot, Jungian psychology.

In life, one of the 7 principles of Huna is particularly close to me: Mana – all power comes from within.