Verena Puttrich

What I'm teaching:
My Yoga journey started in 2018 with an injury that prevented me from running. I needed another balancing activity that brought me into a meditative state, letting me forget everything around. A friend introduced me to Yoga and I could not believe on what I have missed out until then. While I always thought of yoga as to be slow, repetitive and without any physical challenges or possibilities to grow, I learned that yoga can indeed be a mixture of all those: presenting challenges and allowing the practitioner to grow, while still keeping one grounded and most importantly bringing the comfort to let go.
Starting with my first practise back in 2018, Yoga became an integral part of my life. I started practicing almost every day and completed my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2020.
I would like to share the wonderful practise of Yoga with others and invite into this world of an activating and challenging but yet calming experience.