Wolf Vuk Jocic

What I'm teaching:
vinyasa yoga

I want to see and bring change that yoga brought to me.

Always High Embracing Low. I’m Rasta Wolf Yogi. Rasta by choice, Wolf by nature and Yogi by design. An identity that I’ve taken since I’m living in magic city, Prague. 

Born as European, I was drawn to mysterious Orient all my life and had been living in China for several years. There I was practicing Tai-Chi and little bit of Kung-Fu, and that brought me closer to untouchable things and more mindful approach. It showed me the way how to look inwards. Later when I started practicing yoga I already knew where to look and how to find inner peace.  

I started practicing yoga back in 2018. straight away intensively. First with Hatha to get to know asanas and continued with Ashtanga (that’s why I am running away from it these days).  

Since I moved to Prague in 2019. I’m all about vinyasa. I love Rocket yoga, it gives me meditation over movement because I know what comes next. Vinyasa is funky, funny, creative and brings freedom in movement. Personally I’m inclined towards Kundalini.

Back in 2019. I joined 30 days yoga challenge and I never stopped. Therefore in January 2022. it will be 1000 days in a row for me and I will never stop. 

 I’m a special educator and rehabilitator by master’s degree and I was involved in educational sector for more than 10 years. Nowadays I’m coming back to my roots, through teaching yoga. 

For me yoga teacher training came naturally. Supported by other teachers and fellow yogis, more people told me that I should do it, than what I was actually thinking myself.  

My initial training is 200 YTT Vinyasa program with Prague Yoga Collective back in 2020. My idea is to keep adding them as continuous learning every year. In 2021. I finished Ganja yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance certified) with more gentle approach to the practice and teaching. Rocket training is planned for 2022. 


I want to share my love for yoga and love that yoga brings. I want to see and bring change that yoga brought to me. Since we all have needs it is just a question how to serve ourselves and believe me when I say that yoga is there for us. I don’t want to impose anything but rather guide by telling, showing, teaching, representing, involving and energizing.