LY1 – Laughter yoga with Wolf

Dílna 5/11/2022
550 Kč

“Be laughter my friend, the soul becomes dyed with colors of the laughter.” Rasta Wolf Yogi

Are you someone who wants to bring more smiles and joy into your life? Laughter Yoga is the answer.

Laughter Yoga is a great value addition to your yoga practise. But you really don’t have to be yogi to participate in Laughter yoga. It is not our traditional posture-based physical practice, but there’s a great connection between yoga and Laughter Yoga, both scientifically and spiritually. Let’s examine the link between them together.

This is unique oportunity to explore laughter, work with your lungs and find more happiness in your life. Laughter Yoga is so powerful, it will get us from 0 to pure joy in no time.

The main objective of LY1 workshop is to help us bring more smiles and joy into our lives through the daily practice of Laughter exercises. You will learn how to do laughter exercises alone at home, with your family and friends.

During LY1 workshop, we will get together as a group in the safe place of Yoga shala. We’ll practice Laughter exercises along with Breathing techniques (pranayama) to reap enormous health benefits, followed by XXL Shavasana and Yoga nidra (deep relaxation yogic sleep).

Who can join this workshop – Anyone who wishes to bring more laughter and joy to their life. All ages welcome too.

Benefits – fun excersize program, social bounding, immunity booster, stress release, recharged and energised body, peak performance, academic performance, emotional intelligence, selfe confidence, better survival, positive mind and many many more.

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a laughter, than, always be a laughter.” RWY


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