Yoni yoga sessions (course in English)

Kurz od 18/4/2023 do 23/5/2023
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Discover your femininity, sensuality, joy and pleasure of being in the body.

We have prepared for you a special course for women with cooperation with Polish teacher Ewa Rumieńczyk.


Yoni yoga are yoga sessions based on many years of experience in yoga, dance, movement, singing and meditation. Classes take into account women’s cyclicality related to menstruation.
While practicing yoga, I experienced that a woman’s body has completely different needs within a month. I will share with you my observations and sequences for a particular time in the monthly cycle.

What will appear during the course:
• yoga practice at particular phases of the female cycle
meditation and breathing practices to support the cycle
• dance / intuitive movement
• work with voice
• women’s circle

🌸Why yoni? 🌸
Joni, or the sacred space of women, means physically female sexual organs, and in a broader sense, it is a space where energy, life, ideas, our female creation are born.
It is the creative and energetic center of a woman.
It is also drawing from the wisdom of the womb and the natural female rhythm.
So I invite you to discover your femininity, sensuality, joy and pleasure of being in the body.

I will introduce you to the female dimension of yoga, but most of all you will have space for experience and observation of your own rhythm and cycle.

Learn more about the teacher Ewa Rumieńczyk here.

Take your friend, mother or sister and come to our women’s circle 🙂 We are looking forward to meeting you.


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